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SINO KA200 linear encoder for sale


SINO KA200 series linear encoders,the slimmest linear encoders in the market.
We highly recommend it to be installed on the X-axis of small lathes/mini-lathes, or any machines in which there is a limited space to install a linear scale.

measuring range: 70mm-270mm
Grating space: 20um, 10um
Infrared wavelength: 88omm
Rolling system: Vertical five bearing rolling system
Output signal: TTL
Voltage: 5V
Resolution : 5μm / 0.005mm
Environment temperature: -10~45
Humidity: <=90%
Working speed: >=60m/min

Package includes:
-KA200 linear scale
-Dust cover
-Screws for installation
-Installation guide


SINO KA200 linear scale is the slimmest linear scale in the market

SINO KA200 linear encoder parameters:

  • Available measuring length – 70mm–270mm
  • Size / Cross Section – 16mm X 16mm
  • Accuracy – ± 3, 5, 10 (20 degree, 680 F 1000mm)
  • Reference point – one unit per 50mm
  • Maximum measuring speed – 60m/min
  • Protection level – IP53
  • Resolution – 5um (0.005mm)
  • Output signal – TTL
  • Cable standard – 2m
  • Bar pitch – 0.02mm
  • Power consumption – +5V±5%, 80mA
  • Operating temperature – 0–45-degree Centigrade
  • Connector – 9 pins (DB9)

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