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SINO 5 coordinates LCD digital readout SDS5-4VA


SINO DRO SDS5-4VA is with a novel and hi-tech appearance with embedded design. The processor is SAMSUNG ARM9, the device is equipped with high-resolution LCD display with high frequency, high performance and low power consumption.

The SINO SDS5-4VA LCD DRO display allows at least 1 and up to 5 linear encoders to be connected.

This LCD digital readout comes complete including:
– Transparent protection cover
– English manual
– Mounting bracket
– Power lead


The SINO DRO SDS5-4VA is a multifunction universal 5-coordinate 4axis display digital readout, applicable for the machines such as millers, lathes, boring machines, grinding machines, and EDM, etc.

Basic Function
Lengthened linear encoder Function
200 Points Auxiliary Zero Position Function
Mid-split Function
“mm/inch” Conversion Display
Radius/Diameter Switch Display
Segmented Error Compensation
Linear Error Compensation
Power Interruption Memory
Sleep Switch
Mathematics calculation
Time Display
Software Diagnosis Function
AB Function
Communiation function (option)

Machining Functions
PCD circumferential division (Applicable to the milling machine and spark tester)
Involute chamber machining function (Applicable to milling machine)
Bevel machining/Angular Surface Processing (Applicable to milling machine)
N3 function (Applicable to milling machine)
Diagonal boring (Applicable to milling machine)
R-arc function (Applicable to milling machine)
Taper measuring function (Applicable to a lathe)
200-tool library (Applicable to a lathe)
Radius/Diameter Switch Display (Applicable to a lathe)
Anti-dithering function (Applicable to grinding machine)
EDM Machining Function (applicable to EDM, option)
Even Positioning Function (applicable to Slotting Machine)
Universal Positioning Function (applicable to Slotting Machine)
Setting the Slotting Parameter (applicable to Slotting Machine)


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