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RATIONAL WTB series linear encoders



RATIONAL WTB series 0.005mm/5μm linear encoders

Output Signal: TTL square wave 

Grating pitch: 0.02mm (50LP/min)


Length of signal cable : 1100mm-1500mm : 5 meters ; 1600mm + : 10 meters

Type of connector : DB9

Travel Range Available: 1100mm-3000mm

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1, Motion speed: over 60 meters per minute

2, Long-distance transmission: above 100 meters without any extra transceiver

3, Five bearings in the sliding section ensure excellent repetitive positioning

4, Multiple layers of insulated mesh and soft metal protective outer shell applied to the signal cable ensure reliable waterproof properties and good anti-interference

5, Anodized aluminum alloy scale body and chrome-plated scale end bring excellent anti-corrosive properties.

6, Made of special plastics, the dustproof slice is resistant to scratches, corrosion, and friction

7, Well designed components allow easy installation and maintenance.  Good waterproof and dustproof properties contribute to long lifespan

8, Glass precision metrological grating is used as the measuring indicator of the sensor.

WTB linear scale size

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