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LED Oilproof Machine Strip Light For CNC Machines


LED machine strip light – they are IP67 sealed and ideal for CNC machines or process inspection

Available selections:
AC/DC24V,AC/DC12V 300mm (7W)
AC/DC24V,AC/DC12V 400mm (12W)
AC/DC24V,AC/DC12V 600mm (16W)
AC/DC24V,AC/DC12V 800mm (20W)
AC100-240V 300mm (7W)
AC100-240V 400mm (12W)
AC100-240V 600mm (16W)
AC100-240V 800mm (20W)

Lumens 5500-6000K

Each light comes with fitting as detailed in the pictures.


The efficient and maintenance-free LED technology, clever lighting technology, and extremely robust housing in the attractive design make M9 the first choice for lighting engineering of machines and production facilities.

  • Maintenance-free LED technology
  • Different length
  • Bright
  • Strong housing

M9 tube LED light parameters

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