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Full sizes Rectangle Permanent Magnetic Chucks




1. Applies to surface grinder, EDM machine, and linear cutting machine.
2. Pole space is fine, Magnetic force is distributed uniformly. It performs well on thin and tiny workpiece machining. The working table precision doesn’t change during magnetizing or demagnetizing.
3. The panel through special processing, with no leakage, prevents corrosion by cutting fluid, extends working life, and enables us to work a long time in cutting fluid.
4. Fine grinding on six faces. It can be used vertically in a linear cutting machine.
5. The chuck with high-performance magnetic steel, powerful magnetic force, and almost no residual magnetism.

1. The temperature never exceeds 80℃.
2. Sudden shock or attack is forbidden.
3. Please assure there is no corrosive material to metal.
4. Never switch the magnet on before it has been placed on the load.
5. Ensure that the weight of the load to be lifted does not exceed the rated lifting capacity, overloading is not permitted.
6. Never lifter more than one workpiece at a time with this magnet.
7. Never stand under the load.
8. Check the parts and magnet condition carefully before using to avoid any accidents, never use a damaged or poorly operating magnet.
9. Always keep the magnet clean and clear.
10. To ensure safety, you are suggested to test the magnet every two years.


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