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EASSON GS10 Linear Encoder


The Easson GS10 linear encoder 5 µm with a measuring range of 100 up to 1000mm is supplied with a protective cap, standard mounting bracket, and mounting material. The total length of the linear encoder is the measuring range (L0) + the minimum required length (for mounting) of the linear encoder.


EASSON GS10 linear encoder 5 µm 100-1000 mm

The Easson GS10 linear encoder 5 µm in combination with the digital readout from Easson is designed for conventional machines or other equipment with large-scale linear movements such as lathes, milling machines,. With a strong focus on quality, Easson is not only known worldwide but also highly sought after. You can use the encoder output for the automatic positioning of machines or similar equipment via the PLC unit. The encoders can also be used when measuring with other measuring equipment that is used for inspection and high accuracy measurements.


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