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This Easson ES-8A digital readout 3 axis is also suitable for other brand linear encoders.

This digital readout 3-axis comes complete including:

– Transparent protection cover
– Strong aluminum case
– English manual
– Mounting bracket
– Power lead

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This Easson ES-8A digital readout 3 axis is a multi-purpose design usable for any machine such as lathe, milling machine, EDM, and grinding machine (Only have to set this once). Easily create round hole patterns, hole series, radius, and much more.


1. Circular drilling function: drill or mill holes in a circle
2. Linear drilling function: drill or mill holes at an angle in a straight line
3. Cutting radius correction: when using a cylindrical cutter, the tool radius must be taken into account.
4. Determine the center workpiece: simply calculate the center point of a workpiece (1/2 value)
5. 199 sets of tool database or date memory (SDM): simple tool offset for the lathe tools or for SDM points at the milling machine
6. Radius milling: simply mill a radius
7. Function calculator: calculator function can make the operation more efficient
8. Slope calculation: enter the two points of the workpiece, the DRO can calculate the slope of the workpiece.
9. Preset value: set a value on the display per axis
10. Linear error compensation or segmented error compensation: compensation for absolute precision and maximum efficiency. segmented compensation can compensate for the linear machine deviations.
11. Sum of axis: in the Lathe mode you can sum the Z-axis and show the total value of the 2 axes in 1 display.
12. Relay output: in the EDM mode you can trigger a relais for start-stop functionality.

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